eBooks for Libraries

eBooks for Libraries is an initiative of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library and Library Renewal.

eBooks for Libraries was initially largely focused on collecting signatures for a petition. At 10,000 signatures, the petition was mailed (in hard copy) to the Big 6 American publishers. Following that, the site was relaunched, with the following goal:

There are a lot of really great blogs and news sites devoted to ebooks and the publishing industry, and we don’t want to try to mimic those. But as we’ve been following those sites, and all the many stories surrounding ebooks and libraries, we realized something: no one’s telling libraries what any of these changes actually MEAN for libraries. No one’s saying “great – big-name publisher #1 says you own your ebook files. What changes tomorrow for our public library because of that announcement? What’s that mean next week, or even next year”

So our goal is to try and answer those practical questions surrounding ebooks for libraries.

(Via David Lee King)

eBooks for libraries is still collecting signatures for their petition, too.