Two more via Twitter – “WMF panel: libraries need national e-lending model” & “OverDrive Launches Digital Library Champions Contest”

Today’s twitter search on #ebooks and #libraries brings us the following:

The Bookseller reports on UK policy group Westminster Forum Projects‘ Westminster Media Forum on publishing.  Highlights included Tim Coates, CEO of e-book company Bilbary suggesting a patron driven model allowing “readers to access books from a national catalogue, with the library paying a fee to the publisher for each loan“; Janene Cox, president of the Society of Chief Librarians, reporting that the Sieghart Review had found “remote e-lending has meant more people and more actual library visits, not less” and  Phil Bradley, president of CILIP, saying:

Libraries are about books as much as hospitals are about beds. In both cases they are integral to what is done—but libraries are not just about books . . . they are about reading—and in many respects, it doesn’t matter if [people] are reading a physical item or a digital copy.

Goodereader reports that major ebook platform provider Overdrive has launched a Digital Library Champions Contest.  

The contest centers around five different aspects of marketing and promotion and Overdrive is serious about libraries blazing their own trail and not being reliant on stock marketing materials.

Winners receive $500.00 in eBook credits, an e-Reader and promotion on their main website.