Bokhylla [Bookshelf]

Bokhylla is an initiative of the National Library of Norway. Through an agreement with Kopinor (a collecting society) the National Library is making Norwegian books avaialble to Norwegians for free.

The service is available for anyone with a Norwegian IP address. Authors and publishers are paid through a collective agreement, and licensees have the right to withdraw individual titles from the service. Books which are still in copyright may not be able to be printed or downloaded.

Bokhylla was launched in 2009 as a trial until 2011, and is now being made permanent. More content is graudally being made available, with the aim of having 250,000 titles available by 2017. Bokhylla has been incorporated as a part of the Norwegian national digital library, although, since it is authenticated by IP address, that subset should not be available for people accessing the site outside of Norway.

The contract between the National Library of Norway and Kopinor for the digital dissemination of books is also available.