eReolen is a national ebook service to public library patrons, supported by the Development Foundation of the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. The project started in spring 2013 (northern hemisphere) and was originally intended to run until 31 December 2012, (although at time of writing it still seems to exist). eReolen is based on platform independent architecture, which should be able to be integrated into library user interfaces and eventually become part of Danish Digital Library.

eReolen is a partnership between the 6 central libraries, and various Danish publishers and associated organisations.

Each time a book is downloaded, the publisher receives a user fee. Fees are tiered depending on how new the title is, as well as how many times it has been borrowed, ranging from DKK 13 to DKK 18.50 (from Libraries can set a maximum number of loans per user per month, allowing them to manage budgets.
Participating publishers are required to make their entire catalogue available.

Monthly statistics for eReolen are available at

The Dane’s Digital Library: Joint solution for digital communication for the public libraries

The Dane’s Digital Library: Joint solution for digital communication for the public libraries – published March 2012 by Local Government Denmark, the Danish Ministry for Culture, and Danish Agency for Culture.

Report recommending the establishment of a Dane’s Digital Library, which is to consist of a joint infrastructure, a purchasing partnership and an organisational framework for these two initiatives. The partnership is to include the purchasing of web-based materials, management of metadata, operation and development of technical infrastructure, and selected joint communication initiatives.