An Act [bill] concerning “e-books” and libraries

A bill has been introduced into the Connecticut General Assembly, proposing that

“the general statutes be amended to require publishers of electronic books to offer such books for sale to public and academic libraries at the same rates as offered to the general public”

The bill was proposed by Representative Brian Sear of the 47th District, and was referred to the joint Committee of General Law. A public hearing of the Committee reviewing this and other bills was held on February 7, 2013. Representative Sear and several members of the library industry submitted written testimonies in support of the bill. A transcript of the public hearing (with discussion of this bill intermingled with discussion on other bills) is available.

The Committee voted to draft the proposed bill as a committee bill on February 21, 2013, and the text of the expanded committee bill was released on March 6, 2013.