“Califa Launches Enki, a Lending Platform for Direct Ebook Distribution”

As reported in The Digital Shift the much anticipated open source ebook platform has arrived with the beta launch of Enki.

The Califa Library Group and Contra Costa County Library (CCCL) today officially announced the beta launch of Enki Library, a new ebook platform designed to host and lend library-managed ebooks using the Douglas County model. Named after the Sumerian god of mischief, creativity, and intelligence, Enki went live at CCCL and the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) on May 6, and will soon serve multiple libraries in California, beginning with members of the Bay Area Library and Information System (BALIS) consortium.

The Digital Shift, May 20 2013

As well as being

Named after the Sumerian god of mischief, creativity, and intelligence

Enki is also a rather nice anagram of e ink.

Califa eBook Project

Califa Library Group is building their own ebook platform, based on the Douglas County Model. They will use Adobe Content Server to manage DRM, use Vufind as an interface, and operate on a one-checkout-at-a-time model. They expect to have a platform and collection for (Califa consortium?) libraries to sign up to by Spring 2013 (northern hemisphere). Califa also aims to have an acquisitions catalogue built by the second year of the project, to facilitate libraries purchasing their own local content.

Califa provides updates on the progress of the project on their Califa products and news blog. This includes some technical details and the philosphy behind the service.