Book Industry Collaborative Council’s final report

The Book Industry Collaborative Council’s final report [7.16 MB] has been published on the website of Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Industry and Innovation. Copies of the report are also available from the websites of the Australian Publishers Association and the Australian Booksellers Association. Amongst other things it recommends the establishment of a permanent industry body, the Book Industry Council of Australia.

This report includes the final report of the Lending Rights Expert Reference Group, which was tasked with developing principles of supply of e-books to libraries, and a framework of digital lending rights as an extension of existing lending rights schemes. This is pages 180 – 203 of the report.

The report proposes eight general principles of supply of e-books to libraries, including availability of titles, continuity of access, fair remuneration for authors, fair prices for libraries, and device neutrality.

The report also makes recommendations for next steps, to maintain the momentum of work carried out by the LRERG, including working with industry and government to implement the proposals.

Book Industry Collaborative Council – Lending Rights Expert Reference Group – Australia

The Lending Rights Expert Reference Group was established by the Book Industry Collaborative Council to examine lending rights issues in depth, particularly as they pertain to e-lending. BICC was set up by the Australian Government, and is associated with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

The Lending Rights ERG is made up of representatives from libraries, publishers and authors’ groups. It aims to develop a position paper which can inform industry and government on industry’s collective view regarding:

  • the principles for a consistent model for supply of ebooks to libraries
  • a framework for digital lending rights as a possible extension of existing lending rights schemes