Digital Arizona Library

The Arizona State Library is exploring options for a statewide ebook service – Digital Arizona Library. This would be led by the State Library in partnership with Arizona public libraries.

The initiative is still at the planning stage (at time of writing). The Consultants’ report and recommendations to the Planning Committee – DAZL: Arizona Statewide E-book Program – were produced in December 2012, and the DAZL Working Group’s report was finalised in February 2013.

DAZL report – ebook project environmental scan

DAZL Report: Arizona State Libraries – by Carson Block Consulting Inc, August-September 2012

As part of planning a statewide ebook service (Digital Arizona Library), Arizona State Library commissioned Carson Block Consulting Inc to produce this technological environmental scan, based around the model for ebook collection and e-lending developed by Douglas County Libraries in Colorado.

The paper includes discussion and analysis of the Douglas County model as it works for Douglas County Libraries, Marmot Library Network, and the Califa Consortium. This includes detail about:

  • key technological elements of the Douglas County model
  • technological resources supporting the Douglas County model
  • which technological elements are mission critical or optional
  • which public libraries and entities are known to be following the Douglas County model
  • strategies, successes and challenges experienced by those using the model
  • estimated costs incurred by some libraries implementing the model