Ebooks or Paper Books: Your Best Argument

A light hearted article from the Lifehacker website ‘Ebooks or Paper Books: Your Best Arguments’ asked readers:

With the advance of phones, tablets, and ereaders, ebooks have become a popular reading standard. Still, there’s something about the feel of an old-fashioned paper book. We ask you which one is better and why

Contributors raised some interesting arguments about accessiblity, portability and content; suggesting that both ebooks and print books will continue to have a place in many readers collections.

Amazon, we want to talk to you about Kindle Unlimited

Helen Leesh, librarian and co-chair of Shelf Free, has published an advocacy letter ‘Amazon we want to talk to you about Kindle Unlimited’ on the Chartered Institute of Library Professionals Website.

The article raises some interesting points, especially regarding the possibility of Amazon and public libraries working in partnership. This would allow public libraries to provide access to more new release/bestseller ebook titles and provide Amazon with the opportunity to act as a community partner and to reach new customers.