Public Libraries in the Netherlands new e-book lending model

Public Libraries in the Netherlands have launched a large scale e-book lending service which allows more than one person to read the same e-book at the same time. In most countries, lending is based on the ‘one copy, one use’ model meaning a book is unavailable if it has already been ‘lent’.

Under the new lending model Public Libraries in the Netherlands pay a fee for each e-book lent. 5000 e-books will be available initally, which is approximately one quarter of the total number of e-books available in the Netherlands.

Titles have been placed in two categories: up to three years old, and older. Initially e-books in both categories will be freely available for library members to read. From April 2014, library members who wish to borrow more recent titles can opt in for an e-booksplus package, which allows them to read 18 e-books for €20.

The complete press release is available here.