Public Libraries in the Netherlands new e-book lending model

Public Libraries in the Netherlands have launched a large scale e-book lending service which allows more than one person to read the same e-book at the same time. In most countries, lending is based on the ‘one copy, one use’ model meaning a book is unavailable if it has already been ‘lent’.

Under the new lending model Public Libraries in the Netherlands pay a fee for each e-book lent. 5000 e-books will be available initally, which is approximately one quarter of the total number of e-books available in the Netherlands.

Titles have been placed in two categories: up to three years old, and older. Initially e-books in both categories will be freely available for library members to read. From April 2014, library members who wish to borrow more recent titles can opt in for an e-booksplus package, which allows them to read 18 e-books for €20.

The complete press release is available here.

ReadersFirst guide to library e-book vendors

ReadersFirst has released their guide to library e-book vendors. The report ranks seven major library e-book vendors against the ReadersFirst principles, and outlines best practice for the distribution of e-books.

To develop the report, ReadersFirst developed an evaluation form to be completed by vendors, which included questions about whether systems could store and index metadata, allow clients to place holds on items, send delivery notifications, provide detailed account information, and so on.