eVoke 2.0: Colorado Statewide eBook Pilot Project

The eVoke 2.0 eBook Project is a LSTA-funded project to roll out the Douglas County model for e-books in public libraries, as used by Douglas County and Marmot libraries etc, to the whole state of Colorado. A significant portion of the work is developing a prototype e-book management system which is scalable to the whole state.

The broad aims of the project are to:

  • Host e-book content for the state of Colorado. Initially, the content in the system is expected to be non-Big 5 content (a la the Douglas County model), and additional hosted systems such as OverDrive will still be in place. In the long run, however, it is hoped that Big 5 content will be able to be hosted in the system as wel.
  • Develop an e-content management module, which would enable the purchasing, cataloguing, discovery and circulation of hosted e-books.
  • Develop APIs to allow the e-content management module to talk to external Library Management Systems.
  • Demonstrate the above with 3 major Library Management System environments in use in Colorado – Koha/Liblime as used by AspenCat; Sierra/Vufind as used by the Marmot Library Network, and Sirsi/Dynix Horizon as used by Douglas County.
  • Develop a sustainable model for Colorado libraries going forward, including business, pricing and policy models.

The complete grant application has been made available, which outlines in more detail the goals and plan for the project. The project is being spearheaded by Douglas County libraries in collaboration with CLiC and others, and is initially expected to run until October 2014.

E-boeken in de Bib [Flemish e-books in the library]

In April 2014, Flemish public libraries will start a pilot e-lending project – E-boeken in de Bib – the outcome of the Vlaams eboekplatform project. The initiative is a collaboration between Bibnet and the Flemish Government.

The model for this initiative will feature:

  • A small catalogue (approximately 300 titles) of Flemish language books, which will gradually be increased as more publishers sign on. (You can explore the titles available in more detail via Pinterest.)
  • The possibility of simultaneous lending
  • Unlimited access and online reading of e-books within library premises
  • iOS and Android apps for loaning and reading e-books outside of library premises. The apps will manage the loan and removal of the titles
  • Users will be charged 5 Euros to borrow 3 titles (called the 345 model)

The financial model relates to how many clients a library has, and how many 3-loan subscriptions are used. It seems that, if libraries see enough use, then some of the 5 Euro fee will start coming back to them as income.

Flemish libraries have until the 15th of December to sign up to the initiative. So far, 178 towns and municipalities have signed up to the system.

With thanks to InfoDocket, Flanders News.be and Rijkswatch.