Urban Libraries Council’s e-Books Briefing Paper

Following up on their webinar of May 2013, the Urban Libraries Council, in collaboration with communications firm The Hatcher Group, has released their briefing paper Libraries, Publishers and Public Access to E-Books, as well as a two-page summary document.

The papers are aimed squarely at policy makers, and “can be used as resources to educate local, national and civic leaders in your community”. The key messages in the paper are:

  • Equal access to materials
  • Publishers’ policies are preventing the public from accessing e-books
  • Borrowing e-books from libraries is increasingly popular
  • Some book publishers are denying libraries access to e-books, while others significantly overprice titles
  • Pilot programs are encouraging, but need to be more widely implemented

The webinar podcast, briefing paper and summary paper are available together from the ULC’s website