The right to e-read – an e-book policy for libraries in Europe

EBLIDA released The right to e-read – an e-book policy for libraries in Europe in June 2013. This policy highlights uncertainties inherent in e-book supply for libraries, particularly:

  • The lack of the exhaustion of distribution rights after first sale for digital content
  • The ability of terms and conditions to limit the use of and access to digital content, and the ability of rights-holders to refuse to supply their content to classes of consumers
  • The end result of publishers determining the collection building function of libraries, rather than libraries themselves, due to the application of these terms and conditions

The policy ends with a call for action:

Therefore EBLIDA hereby calls on the EU Commission for a clear copyright framework that allows libraries to acquire and lend e-books with an adequate remuneration to authors and other rights holders. Just as with printed books, an updated copyright framework should allow libraries to continue to provide their services for the benefit of all European citizens