More ebook news from the Twittersphere – Ursula K Le Guin on “Why Your Library May Not Have the E-Book You Want” and ARL on ebook licencing

From the latest twitter search on #ebooks and #libraries –

Respected author Ursula K Le Guin has blogged on Why Your Library May Not Have the E-Book You Want and tells readers:

So, dear reader, if your library doesn’t have the e-book you’d like to read, please don’t complain to your librarian. Complain to your publisher. Tell him to wake up and get real.

Meanwhile at the academic end of the spectrum InfoDocket has led us to this paper:

E-book licencing and research libraries – negotiating priniples and price in an emerging market by Charles B Lowry and Julia C Blixrud

from the Association of  Research Libraries (ARL)  (IN Research Library Issues, no. 280 (September 2012)).  The article explains how they developed principles for ebook licencing  and includes a Research Library Statement on Ebooks