Hachette ebook catalogue available to libraries / E-Books and Democracy

infoDOCKET is reporting that

the Hachette eBook Catalog Will Soon Become Available to All Libraries

This commences on May 8th 2013, and will include distribution via OverDrive.  It is unclear from the press, at time of writing, whether “all libraries” includes those outside the USA and Canada.

In an op-ed piece, E-Books and Democracy, for the New York Times Anthony W Marx (President of the New York Public Library) discusses this latest development and provides a useful summary of the state of play with the big six publishers and of the importance of ebooks in libraries.

Today Hachette, which had been a holdout, is joining the others in announcing that it will make e-books available to public libraries. This is a big step, as it represents, for the first time, a consensus among the Big Six, at least in principle, that their e-books should be made available to library users.

E-Books and Democracy / Anthony W Marx