IFLA Principles for Library eLending

The IFLA Governing Board endorsed the IFLA Principles for Library eLending policy document in February 2013.

These are five broad principles about the availability and use of ebooks in libraries:

  1. Commercially available ebooks should be available for libraries to license and/or purchase under a variety of terms and conditions
  2. eBook licensing and purchasing options should respect both copyright limitations and exceptions, and libraries should be able to bypass technological protection measures for non-infringing purposes
  3. ebooks available through libraries should be usable on all commonly used e-reader devices
  4. Libraries and library users must be able to control the use of users’ personal information
  5. In jurisdictions where government support is provided to publishers, societal access to published works through libraries (e.g. by requiring publishers to make their works available for libraries to license/purchase under reasonable terms and conditions) may also be mandated by government

Fuller versions of the policy document, including IFLA’s policy history around licensing electronic content, are available in PDF and Word.