Ebooks and elending issues paper – ALIA

The Australian Library and Information Association produced their Ebooks and elending issues paper to be a foundation for discussion about ebooks to be held at the ALIA Information Online conference in February 2013, and a library summit in March 2013.

The paper summarises the current ebooks and elending environment in Australia, and outlines the issues facing Australian libraries. This includes discussing how libraries support the book industry, the current situation in ebook supply in Australia, including the difference between academic and trade publishing, and four themes of current issues:

  • Content – including refusal to supply, and collection development issues
  • Procurement – including issues around flexible or inflexible business models, ownership, consortia and fair dealing
  • Operations – including integrating ebooks into the larger library systems, interoperability, reporting and analytics, and lending rights schemes
  • Lending and access – including barriers to access, DRM, inter-library lending and open access

The paper may undergo more iterations leading up to having a final version to share with government, industry and policy makers by April 2013.