Library Renewal

Library Renewal is a grass-roots, non-profit organisation aimed at furthering the mission of libraries, primarily as it relates to electronic content.

Library Renewal develops relationships with people in order to talk about electronic access, forms partnerships (mostly with libraries/library systems), undertakes research, and creates solutions.

At the moment, their research results aren’t published, because:

we truly believe we have a solution for libraries that could cut their costs almost in half, while providing more money to rights holders and publishers than they receive using the broken systems now in place. Consequently, if we release our figures we are concerned a commercial vendor would build the system we are seeking funding to build, saving libraries *some* money but getting rich in the process.

As we work to secure funding to build a system “by libraries, for libraries and with libraries,” one that takes revenue generated by the system and applies it to opening access and bridging the digital divide, we simply can’t share all of the jaw-dropping research and figures we have compiled to date.